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Pediatric TB Control

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MEERA FOUNDATION seeking partnership for eliminating TB among Children. In this view, MEERA is developing activities and strategies for focus on Meternal TB in Tamil Nadu State, India.

Best Practice on TB Control

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Project title: Increase of Community demand for TB Control & Care through sustainable community participation and ownership in Dindigul District, India


Project Coverage: Dindigul District, India


Strategy: Increase Awareness, Peer Education, Capacity Building of affected Communities, Sensitizing Youth, Women and Local Administrations, Networking and Collaboration with District level Programmes from Government, Media, Schools, Colleges, Industries and Clubs.


Major Role: Increase manpower on quality service delivery on TB Treatment


Project outcome:

Industrial management has given motivation for treating symptomatic cases among workers

Media has taken care of publish TB related news

Local Administrative group are making referrals

Students are taking care of their family member’s symptoms

Political parties are give local support foe event organize at their sites

Peer Educators are motivating new patients for completing treatment course.

Women groups are taken much care about children health against childhood TB


Project Contact: RAJA MOHAMED, Director, E mail: [email protected] 


TB and Human Rights

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MEERA FOUNDATION is presenting an abstract on TB and Human Rights Advocacy at an International Conference, December 5 & 6, 2014 organised University of Chicago and AIIMS, New Delhi

Act against TB

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MEERA intends to identify and develop skills on TB Control through conduct Short term Certified Courses in Tamil Nadu State about 2000 youth. It seeks grant support from Foundations/Institutions

TB Control Initiative

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MEERA implemented TB Control Programme with assistance of GIZ German BACKUP Initiative in Dindigul District from March 2014.